Team ‘Recharge’ – The KleenSpeed Way: A Go-kart track in Santa Clara played host to the KleenSpeed team today. For the team, a well deserved break means only one thing, Racing! KleenSpeed CTO Dante Zeviar won the event, with the 2nd & 3rd places going to Matt Klien & Mario Miranda – Also present were President & Founder – Timothy Collins, COO – Dave Kichar along with the core team.


Preparations have begun for REFUEL 2012 at the world famous Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway, July 1 2012. With a 4th new lap record and an overall win in mind, President Timothy Collins, CTO Dante Zeviar are captured along with KleenSpeed’s Engineers Justin Werre, Jonathan Gallagher and Mario Miranda at a test run of the 2012 EV-X11.


The director of “Revenge of the electric car”, Chris Paine visits KleenSpeed

It’s our pleasure to have¬†Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center at KleenSpeed.

Tim Collins, president of KleenSpeed is showing the electric race race car technology.

CTO, Dane Zeviar, is explaining what’s under the cover of EV-X11 electric race car.

Welcome to KleenSpeed.

Minneapolis Progressive RV Show introduces KleenSpeed and Kleenspeed E-Bikes to Minnesota.

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Platforms rule!

Tim with Smart E-Bike and For-us pickup concept.

Tim Collins delivers a KleenSpeed folding step thru E bike to Len Rodgers owner of Electric Bicycle Outlet 660 Bryant Street. Our dealer in San Francisco

The Dec 26, 2011 edition of Barron’s carried chart concerning Consumers gasoline costs in 2011 derived from a mid-December study by The Oil Price Information Service

Consumers Gasoline Energy Costs in 2011
$481 Billion = Est. Consumer Expenditures on Gasoline for 2011
$3.5223 = Average cost for a gallon of Gas this year
$4,155 = Est. Average yearly cost for Gasoline for each American Household in 2011
8.4% = Percentage of an average family’s annual income spent on gasoline this year

The KleenSpeed KAR approach:
If electric vehicles, such as the KAR, were used by all families for all their transportation needs, the cost of energy to charge the batteries would be only $75 Billion rather than $481 Billion for energy from gasoline.

A family with two electric cars would spend $2400 leasing batteries and approximately $600 for charging the batteries annually – thus freezing their relative price of gasoline effectively at $3.25 per gallon forever, and saving about $1,155 per year in energy costs while decreasing pollution from travel by about 75%.

Thus a family’s cost for leasing and buying electric energy would drop to about 6% of their annual income. The savings and redeployment of dollars away from imported oil would act as an economic stimulus to the US economy while improving our balance of payments and the world’s environment.

KleenSpeed KAR Economics : Projected Energy Costs
$75 Billion = Est. Consumer Expenditures on Electric Energy Equivalent to Gasoline Consumed in 2011
$2400 = Est. Annual Cost to Lease KleenSpeed ESS EV Battery Packs for 2 EVs
$ 600 = Est. Average yearly cost for EV Charging energy per 2-car household
6. 0% = Percentage of an average family’s annual income spent on EV Energy

Timothy Collins, president of Kleenspeed technologies