EV Components

Due to our close relationships with leading technology companies in the EV component field we are able to offer select EV components for direct sale.  Each of these components has passed our extensive testing and performance analysis procedures.

Electric Vehicle Motors

UQM PowerPhase Select 50

UQM PowerPhase Select 50 spec:
• 440 Nm peak torque
• 50 kW peak, 30 kW continuous motor power
• 50 kW peak, 30 kW continuous generator power
• Full Power at 300-420 VDC
• Microprocessor-controlled inverter with sine wave drive
Application-friendly graphical user interface.
2 units are available and have less than 50 hours of operation.
$12,000 USD

AC Propulsion Drive System
KleenSpeed used to use the AC Propulsion drive system for our previous racecar and won ReFuel Electric Time Trial race in 2009 and 2010. This is a 150kw (200hp) drive system. The motor has less than 20 hours of operation. We also have complete system available which includes 13.7 Kw lithium packs, cabling , BMS and other components.

Power Electronics Unit (PEU):
• Pulse-width-modulated, voltage fed, IGBT inverter with current mode, sine-modulated controls; battery charging circuitry; auxiliary 13.5V power supply; and interfaces for control pedals and dash instruments. Environmentally rugged forced air-cooled design.
• Dimensions*: 186 x 313 x 760 mm
• Total weight: 30 kg (incl. cooling blower)
• Cooling: Forced-air with variable speed pwm control
• Power connectors: Aircraft-style circular
• Control connectors: AMP waterproof automotive
• Auxiliary power supply current**: 100 A @ 13.5 V

• Four-pole induction, high frequency design with inverter-controlled magnetic flux.
• Dimensions*: 12″ dia x 15″ long (305 mm dia x 381 mm long)
• Total weight: 110 lb, 50 kg (incl. cooling blower)
• Maximum rpm: 13,000
• Insulation: Class H, double-insulated
• Cooling: Forced-air with variable speed pwm control
• Sensors: Winding temp, tachometer

$19,500 USD ($27,000 USD original)

KleenSpeed distributes high quality electric vehicle motors as part of our product line. The AC induction motors listed below have excellent performance characteristics for two passenger electric vehicles. The AC50 was used for our Miata EV conversion.

AC50 AC30 AC20 AC15
Peak Horsepower (hp) 50 38 25 32
Continuous Horse Power (hp) 15 10 6 6
Peak Torque (lbf-ft) 90 113 75 62
Motor Speed (RPM) 6500 6000 7500 7500
Nominal Voltage (V) 96 96 96 96
Maximum Voltage (V) 130 130 130 130
Maximum Current (A) 550 550 550 550
Weight (lb) 111 87 55 44
Dyno Sheet

Mechanical Drawing (front)

Mechanical Drawing (side)

Price (USD) $4,150 $3,750 $3,100 $2,950

Please contact sales@kleenspeed.com to place an order.

Electric Vehicle Motor Controllers

KleenSpeed distributes the Curtis Instruments 1238 AC induction motor controller for use with the motors listed above. It includes advanced features such as Field Oriented vector drive, voltage or current control and a CANBUS interface. Virtually all features are configurable via the Vehicle Control Language Programming Interface.