kleenspeed ev system

The Secret is in the System
While it is relatively simple to assemble components and create a basic EV System, superior systems depend on sophisticated design, inspired engineering and leading edge technology to deliver synergized efficiencies across all parameters.

The focus of KLEENSPEED’s R&D effort is to develop complete EV Systems incorporating our advanced engineering and design.  Optimized and balanced systems can provide significant efficiency gains and superior application functionality.  KLEENSPEED EV Systems offer state-of-the-art characteristics in all aspects for total EV performance.

We are continuing development of EV Systems for a variety of applications currently, and capable of engineering EV Systems for vehicles of all types from E-Bikes to heavy-duty commercial trucks.  Each of our EV Systems is designed to be fitted to a general class of vehicles, and offer considerable flexibility to suit specific applications.

In addition to numerous R&D projects, to date we have created the following fully developed EV Systems :
• KS Mini E-Scooter System
• KS Lite Micro Car System
• KS Lite EV System
• KS EV-X11 Racing System

We are now working on the EV System for the KLEENSPEED KAR and other R&D EV System projects on a consultant basis.

While we continue to refine and improve all our EV Systems, we currently are marketing the KLEENSPEED Lite EV SYSTEM for cars, trucks and utility vehicles with a completed weight under 2,500 pounds. The KS Lite EV System enables the conversion of many different combustion engine vehicles into high-efficiency, zero-emissions electric vehicles. Our system includes a 110 volt AC induction motor with 50 peak HP. KLEENSPEED proprietary components include the controller and dashboard display, battery management and charge system, lithium ion battery packs and other necessary components. Retail price of the KS Lite EV System is $14,900.

Please click the photo below for download Lite system PDF file.

kleenspeed ev lite system