Competition has always been the crucible that forged the greatest advances in vehicle technology, and KleenSpeed has embraced the challenge of developing the world’s fastest EV race car as the most suitable means of accelerating EV technology. KleenSpeed has chosen to develop an electric race car for track events, as this type of racing offers challenges that meet their definition of overall EV performance – to optimize all relevant EV system factors – acceleration, top speed, range and power management.

The EV-X11 has just set a new lap record in June 2011 at The ReFuel EV Challenge and is an evolution of the KleenSpeed prototype racers that won the ReFuel EV Challenge in 2009 and 2010.

KleenSpeed’s EV-X11 race car features a complete proprietary drivetrain and power system, which has been continually developed and improved since we began development in 2008. Racing success validates the technologies, which KleenSpeed will transfer to practical, real-world EV solutions.

The EV-X11 is based on the chassis of the state-of-the-art West Race Cars American LeMans IMSA Lite L2 sports racer modified by KleenSpeed and fitted with a proprietary KleenSpeed EV System including power controller, charging system, battery packs and ancillary components.

The EV-X11 is the latest generation of KleenSpeed race technology and the company looks forward to establishing new EV lap records at many major race venues and EV race series in the US and Europe in the coming year.

EPS ; KleenSpeed Power & Drivetrain / UQM Technologies Motor Controller
ESS : KleenSpeed Energy Storage System & Control Interface
4 KleenSpeed Battery Packs
430 Volts
15.4 kW/hrs
BMS : KleenSpeed Battery Management System
EVI : KleenSpeed Electric Vehicle Integration Systems
Motor : UQM PowerPhase 145 : 200 HP / 300 lb ft torque
Weight : 1.395 lbs
Weight Distribution 40/60 front/rear
Wheelbase : 96″
Track : 52″
Wheels : 13″
Tires : Goodyear Eagle Racing Slicks
Top Speed : 160+ mph