KleenSpeed will become a leader in the global electric market place through advanced engineering and design with the production version of the GenESSy-40 Li-ion energy storage system featured in the KleenSpeed technology showcase and test vehicle, the KAR.  The purpose of the vehicle is to provide real world demonstration of the efficiency & range of the GenESSys- 40 energy storage system, in addition to serving as a test platform for the company’s products. The prototype vehicle is expected to have a range of 150 miles, and also features a KleenSpeed Controller to a 100 kW/134 HP electric motor with 221 lb ft of torque.

KleenSpeed GenESSys Testing Program

KleenSpeed’s GenESSys-40 battery pack is integrated into the KAR Platform via a modular design concept. Key highlight will be the integration of KleenSpeed’s Battery Management (BMS) and telemetry system into the driving interface via a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The vehicle will feature the robustness of the GenESSys – 40’s data acquisition capabilities, as well as serve as an R&D tool for future applications & integration with the smart grid. KleenSpeed will gather large amounts of data remotely and track every key metric of battery performance over the pack’s life span.

The prototype vehicle also features a front subframe, complete with all steering & suspension components; a rear subframe containing the controller electronics, motor, transmission and rear suspension; The KAR Platform is engineered to provide outstanding response and handling, compact packaging and maximum application flexibility.