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KleenSpeed Sponsors 2014 Season

We are currently formulating our 2014 motorsports agenda.  In addition to our return to ReFuel in July at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, we are considering several other Lap Record events and Motorsports venues. The EV-X11 is also available to sponsors as an event, show, exhibit and display centerpiece. We invite interested parties to contact us for more information.

Sponsor Inquiries : KleenSpeed Sponsorship Program – Sponsors@KleenSpeed.com

Carpe Diem

Timing is everything, and for a sponsor interested in both the positive benefits of association with a proven winner, and the synergy of being involved with a technology on the leading edge  – now is the time to reach out to KLEENSPEED.   The benefits of association for our sponsors are significant, tangible and – given the exceptional timing in the near term – invaluable. Now is the moment when the opening to gain perception as an EV technology leader is most auspicious.  Getting there first counts.

Recognized  Opportunity

Our technology is both mature & rapidly progressing. The EV-X11 is a state-of-the-art in electric race car.  We intend to leverage this near-term advantage by gaining as much exposure and recognition as possible, while the opportunity is most ripe and the competition remains well behind us.  This is an epic point in the EV revolution and those with the vision to step forward now will gain the wide recognition and favorable public awareness that marks a leader.

We invite you to consider our Sponsorship Opportunities and welcome your interest in further discussions.