@KleenSpeed we are accelerating the transition to “Smart” energy

We believe that the greatest use for lithium energy storage solutions will be to provide power for solar, wind, utilities, industrial, and the home. Standby electric power for hospitals, computers centers and other applications will replace lead acid batteries and diesel generators.
If the lithium cell is never stressed, and managed perfectly it will last its full chemical life. This would give Lithium electric vehicles and industrial power applications two lives – Life for 100% to 70% capacity, and a second life from 70% to recycle. The result is a longer amortization period for the batteries and the creation of a substantial profit center for the reseller.


Developing technology to help monetize lithium in the new energy frontier

KleenSpeed innovates and develops software products for the “Smart” energy industry. KleenSpeed forms partnerships, joint ventures and marketing agreements with other companies in the Lithium technology spectrum where there is mutual benefit for both parties.


Our primary business goals are:

Develop Disruptive “Smart” energy software products.
• Design innovative energy storage solutions.
• Sales of distributed energy storage solutions.

Our first commercial products is the GenESSys™ series of “Smart” Energy Storage Systems, which combine advanced battery management and telemetrics to deliver state-of-the-art performance, innovative features and optimized chemical life of the battery cells. The GenESSys™ design is modular, scalable and suited to a wide range of commercial, industrial and consumer applications. GenESSys™ overall efficiency and the unique design features provide for the longest possible service life and maximum adaptability for secondary use, which considerably improves the economic viability of the product.